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Plant Science - 100% Natural - Enhanced Absorption

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Our Philosophy

Liquid Nutratonix was born out of a combined 30 years experience in the natural products industry, by two guys who are fanatical about the power of plants that were tired of all the junk products being peddled and wanted to revolutionise the industry.

To cut a long story short, two guys with a BIG idea, meet another guy with a lot of brains and belief in the mission, and voila, the dream began!

It was clear to us that in order to TRULY create products that were stand alone, best in the world, bar none, we would have to make them ourselves, so that's what we did. 

We spent a year building a state of the art custom manufacturing facility in Australia that would allow us to control the entire manufacturing process from start to finish.

From raw materials, right through to you the valued customer we are SUPER strict, ensuring nothing toxic ever gets anywhere near our products. We don't even use synthetic preservatives like most brands, we developed our very own proprietary botanical preservatives.